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Pompei phantoms by Hyshirey
Pompei phantoms
My entry for :iconmiztersiah: contest
They're obviously for the volcanic environment.
For them I took the inspiration from Pompeii's tragedy in 79 a.D. The first stage (Volcinis: Volcano+cinis [ash in latin] is the incarnation of a Pompei dweller's soul in the same magma that caused its death; it's always complaining and it can't stop to cry (lava tears) thinking at its tragic end. The design is quite easy and I payed much more attention on the evolution (Mourmpeii: Mourn+Pompeii)'s one, in which the soul incarnate a (mini) volcano and can explicit itself by the smoke shape.

Tears Pokemon 
Type: Fire/Rock
Height: 30cm
Weight: 67kg
Ability: Flame Body/ Cursed Body/ H: Unaware
Evolves in Mourmpeii at level 39 if in volcano nearness

Mournfulness Pokemon 
Type: Fire/Ghost
Height: 60cm (approximately 1.70 with smoke)
Weight: 237kg
Ability: Flame Body/ Cursed Body/ H: Unaware
Evolves from Mourmpeii at level 39 if in volcano nearness
Delorfully by Hyshirey
Rainbow Pokemon 
Type: Normal/Fairy
Height: 1.60m
Weight: 41kg
Ability: Cute Charm/ Serene Grace/ H: Friend Guard
Dex entry: *When this pokemon runs it's long luxurious hair floats out behind it in a radiating flowing rainbow. Its hair is extremely prized and often times illegally cut off and sold for very high prices. Despite being hunted so often they are very friendly and happy pokemon.*
Evolution line: Delorfully doesn't evolve

Credit: I bought this lovely fakemon from :iconfrozenfeather: 
The concept, the design and the dex entry are by him
This fakemon is private- please don't use it without credits and my permission.
Raincub by Hyshirey
Raincoat Pokemon 
Type: Fire/-
Height: 40cm
Weight: 15kg
Ability: Waterproof*/ H: Storm Drain
Dex entry: coming soon
Evolution line:
coming soon  :P (Lick)
*Waterproof: New ability. Grants immunity by water moves.
This fakemon is private-


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